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American Football Versus English Rugby

In the UK, many people regard American football as the US version of rugby. In some ways, there is not much difference between the two games. However, what rugby lacks in worldwide appeal and glamour, American football compensates for many times over.

The Sport's Growing Popularity

It is clear that the NFL is broadening its' horizons across the world, and many UK fans travel birmingham and to other big cities to watch their favorite teams. With all the first downs, touchdowns, colourful helmets, chunky players and cheerleaders, it is hard to summarize American football in a single sentence. Nonetheless, arguably, the sport is the most popular sport in America. Indeed, in the US, college football and the NFL is so huge that it reaches over 500,000,000 households. The commitment and quality of the NFL players has made the sport the mainstream institution it currently is.

UK Audiences

Now that the Superbowl is shown on TV across the world, the majority of people are aware of it. This even includes people who have no interest in it at all. Ever since the sport was introduced into the UK, the impact has been tremendous. Over the years, the sport has grown significantly in the UK. Seventy amateur squads compete in the BAFACL (the BAFA Community Leagues) across numerous age groups.

The League Structure

The adult (senior) league has a few different levels. These levels include the Premiership, which consists of six squads, and Division one, which consists of eighteen squads divided across a few regional conferences. Also, Division 2 consists of twenty-three squads, divided across a quartet of regional conferences. Although, during the BritBowl Weekend, the lower league squads play their own championship matches, only Premiership squads play each other in this tournament. This year, the Britbowl weekend was held in Leeds' John Charles Stadium.

Looking Forward

The NFL's popularity has been fostered at grassroots level, and many predict that it will become bigger as time goes on. American football and rugby are both very different and very similar. The two games use a similar shaped ball, but different bodywear. They are similar in the way that they are scored, but different in the game flow.

What Differentiates the NFL From Rugby

Compared to rugby, the NFL is more of a spectator's sport. It's more riveting, more exciting and there's more to appreciate than rugby overall. Fans of rugby will find it fairly easy to make the transition to American football. Inevitably, when they watch NFL football live for the first time, they will want to return back for more.

The Bigger Picture

Over recent years, the media coverage of American football and the NFL has increased significantly. The game is being nurtured at grassroots level and fans adore the sport. Marketing of the sport has increased, and the demand for televised games is higher than it's ever been. Undoubtedly, in terms of popularity, this is a sport that growing quicker than any other sport in the world.